Wireless presenter - number one in the office


Wireless presenter - number one in the office 

There should be a good and functional wireless presenter remote in every office and conference room. This is not just a matter of convenience or gadgetry, but a sign of professionalism and a serious approach to the tasks performed. Certainly convenient scrolling of presentation slides, the ability to manipulate multimedia, as well as the indicator option will increase the speaker's freedom and self-confidence, which can contribute to greater audience focus and better reception and understanding of the information transmitted. Where can we find a good wireless presenter, what to consider when choosing and how much can our office gadget cost? You will learn this from our short summary. 

Wireless presenter with indicator - what you should know  

A presenter can be understood as many accessories that will support multimedia presentations conducted by us. For some, these are only tools that allow scrolling slides, and for others, a device that will allow us almost unlimited control over the show, including multimedia, the ability to mark and transfer files. This is what progress and the dilemma associated with choosing such a device is. For a few dozen pounds we can get the simplest wireless presenter, but we can have its more functional form for a small additional charge, and so on. So it is important to think carefully about our needs, identify them, and only then proceed to thoughtful shopping. 

Wireless presenter with an indicator - what the modern market offers 

Wireless multimedia presenters are most often designed as small, handy remote controls with the function of scrolling the slides, sometimes enriched with a laser pointer. However, it is worth remembering that this is just the beginning of functionality. Today, more advanced devices have the function of controlling the time of our occurrence with reminders in the form of silent vibrations, the ability to control media playback, sound, as well as advanced options for selecting, highlighting and moving parts of the displayed image. Some wireless presenters do not have to look like remote controls - such manufacturers have given them the form of ... a stylus. Such devices give us virtually unlimited possibilities related to enriching our speech. 

Logitech wireless presenter and more 

Logitech stands out in the market for wireless presenters with an indicator, although it is not the only manufacturer. In its offer, however, we find two interesting items that can serve as an excellent reference point, both in terms of functionality and price.  

As the first it is worth mentioning the Logitech R700 wireless presenter, which we can get for over £70, and about 20% cheaper we can find it online as refurbished electronics stores, such as fatbat.uk. This presenter has basic options related to the ability to control slides, a pointer function or a 30-meter range. 

Logitech R800

On the other hand, the more expensive one, which costs about £80 regularly, and in the refurbished offers about £55 the Logitech R800 model, which in addition to the indicator option has a built-in LCD display, the ability to adjust the reminder of the time of occurrence, or slightly more advanced options related to multimedia control. There’s no software to install. Just plug the receiver into a USB port to begin. And when the show is over, you can store the receiver in the presenter. 

Logitech R700

To sum up - even a seemingly simple device, such as a wireless presenter, gives us enormous possibilities in the selection and personalization of functionality. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is worth doing a brief insight into the market, then set our priorities, and only then make the final choice. 


Logitech R700 

Logitech R700                       Logitech R800