About us

We are one of the UK’s leading online electrical retailers, and specialize in quality refurbished products from world renowned brands such as Sony, SanDisk and Logitech. We also sell high quality new and used products that range from earphones, headphones and speakers, right through to gaming mice, keyboards and memory cards and accessories.

We source the highest quality products and offer them to customers and businesses at exceptionally low prices, thanks to great relationships with manufacturers and suppliers all around the world. Sometimes, this also means we are able to offer products which are not yet available to buy through high street retailers, ultimately giving the customer greater choice, quicker.

We believe in a responsible business model which reduces the electronic waste, and contributes to our planet’s well being. By selling refurbished products, we are not only able to increase the product life cycle and have a positive environmental impact but we can also offer significant cost savings to the customer.

We are continually expanding our operations and improving our business, having started from a small eBay shop, we have since built a reputable Amazon store and expanded into other markets across Europe.

Our mission is simple:

Give customers and businesses what they want, when they want it.

We never stop improving our world class operation by putting our customers - and their needs - first

FatBat.uk is a trading name of GD Europe (UK) Limited,
a company registered in England and Wales. Company number: 9441744
Our business address is: Unit 8 Maple Park, Essex Road, EN11 0EX Hoddesdon
VAT Reg:GB216266518
Our contact details are: store@fatbat.uk phone: 01992910867