Which memory card to choose?


Which memory card to choose? 

Memory cards are often an underestimated type of accessory. However, it is worth remembering that our data, photos and videos, which have not only material but also sentimental value, depend on their reliability and durability. Below we present you with a list of 3 types of memory cards from Sandisk - the most popular and best flash memory manufacturer on the market. 


Sandisk Ultra memory card 

Sandisk Ultra Micro SD memory card is typical "cheap and good". The card is primarily tempted by its capacity and price. Despite the fact that it is rather lower price shelf, these cards positively surprise with the performance and the number of supported standards. The speed of the ultra-series memory cards is 48 MB / s for reading and slightly less for writing - which is certainly not enough for professional photographers and paparazzi's - but for photographing family events or holiday trips it will be just right. In addition, the cards support the SDHC standard (which is not obvious - that's why it's better to read the specifications at competitors) and have a Class 10 performance class that allows you to record in Full HD. Sandisk, like any self-respecting manufacturer, also provides its customers with a specially profiled application that facilitates use.  

Insurance is another issue. Sometimes you can use, be, during a trip to hot or cold areas our card does not want to work, and what is worse the data contained on it may be destroyed Sandisk ultra in terms of frequency falls importing. It can be used at temperatures from -25 to +80 degrees, and turned on at temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. So, we can easily take it to Greece or Bulgaria - but on a trip to Tunisia better stock up on something more durable. 

 Sandisk Ultra memory card

Sandisk Extreme Series memory cards 

The Extreme memory card from Sandisk is definitely a higher shelf. They are stronger, faster, more functional - and of course more expensive. What makes Sandisk Extreme special is of course performance. They have a reading speed of 90 MB \ s, which is twice as high as Sandisk ultra. This is similar for write speeds. Another advantage is their functionality. These models support the UHS Speed Class I3 and Class 10 standards allowing recording in Full HD, 3D and 4K. Cards are therefore recommended for people who are passionate about photography. 

In terms of strength, it is worth paying attention mainly to their stronger and stronger construction, which translates into increased security of our data. 

  SanDisk Extreme SD

Sandisk Extreme Pro memory card 

Extreme Pro series memory cards are by far the highest league available on the market. It is worth paying special attention to their parameters regarding speed, which is 95 MB / s for reading, and 90 MB / s for reading, which is twice as much as in the case of the Extreme series. Of course, the card supports the latest standards, such as UHS Speed Class I3 or Class 10. 

Also noteworthy is the card's durability, which will allow its use and storage even in extremely extreme conditions. So, neither the Arctic nor the heat of the Sahara will be terrible to her! 

 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SD Card SDXC V30 U3 95mb/s


 Sandisk Ultra memory card SanDisk Extreme SD

Sandisk 64gb Ultra micro SD        SanDisk 64gb Extreme SD

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD 

SanDisk 64gb Extreme Pro SD