Which bluetooth speaker would be good for the holidays?


Wireless bluetooth speakers have recently become an extremely popular alternative. The quality of their sound is practically no different from their classic, stationary counterparts. Wireless speakers offer unrivaled mobility for a decent price. So they become an ideal solution for holiday trips or outdoor events. The FatBat team has prepared an article for you that will help you choose the best mobile speaker for your vacation. 

Sony XB32

Wireless speaker - compatibility and communication 

First of all, when choosing a bluetooth speaker, we should pay attention to which device it should fit. It is worth noting that some sets are dedicated to specific operating systems. Before choosing, it is worth figuring out whether the publisher of our software provides support for the speaker we are looking for. 

Another important issue is the available data transmission modules. It is worth noting that mobile speakers currently work not only based on bluetooth, but also based on wi-fi or AirPlay connections, dedicated to Apple devices. 

Sony SRS-XB22

Wireless speaker - power supply and battery life 

Another issue is the choice of power supply and battery life. Speakers for tablets and phones are usually battery or battery powered. The second option is obviously more efficient, but if the speaker will be used in the field, where we will not be able to charge the battery - it is worth considering battery power. However, if our bluetooth speaker will be used mainly stationary - you should ensure that it has a connection intended for standard power supply. Thanks to this, while listening to music at home, we will not overload the battery, which will extend its life. 

Battery and battery life of mobile speakers varies depending on size, model and brand. With smaller and cheaper speakers with batteries it is about 2 hours of work, while with more expensive battery-powered equipment, we can enjoy up to 12 hours of music. 

Wireless speaker - size and weight 

The next feature we should consider is the weight and size of our speaker. Bluetooth speakers can be found in various sizes. Some models will easily fit in your pocket, and some may have sizes reaching up to several dozen centimetres. The choice should first of all depend on how we want to use and transport our speaker. If it will be a bag or backpack, we can easily bet on larger sizes, ensuring better sound quality. However, if you are looking for something smaller that fits in a pocket or a pocket of a backpack - we have to reckon with slightly lower sound quality.  


Portable speaker - price and brand 

The last thing is price and brand. You have certainly noticed that many mobile speaker manufacturers have appeared on the market. Some of them are new brands, sometimes they are our native producers, and sometimes their Asian competitors. In our opinion, it is definitely worth trusting producers proven in the audio industry, such as SONY, ULTIMATE EARS or LOGITECH. 

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM

Prices for good wireless speakers start from just £60. Of course, you can find cheaper and much more expensive products, even for thousand pounds. However, we think that such models as ULTIMATE EARS Blast, Mega Blast, Wonderboom, SONY XB41, XB32, or smaller XB22 are a sufficient and fully satisfying choice for the holidays. They guarantee good sound quality, battery life up to 12 hours, and they do not burden our budget. These and similar wireless speaker models usually cost less than £100. 


 Sony XB32 Black Sony SRS-XB22 Black  

Sony XB32 Black                          Sony SRS-XB22 Black

Sony XB32 Blue       Sony SRS-XB22 Blue

Sony XB32 Blue                        Sony SRS-XB22 Blue

 Logitech Ultimate Ears Wondweboom Denim Blue

Logitech Ultimate Ears Wondweboom Denim Blue