What makes Ultimate Ears Boom 2 incredibly good


What makes Ultimate Ears Boom 2 incredibly good


Ultimate Ears is a Logitech brand specialised in creating high-quality Bluetooth speakers. 

Let's start with what is most important - sounds and music. Logitech Bluetooth speakers are one of those products that you turn on and immediately (after pairing) you have the impression of communing with a high-class product. The UE can easily compete with such market leaders as JBL, Sonos, Bose or Sony. 

The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 loudspeaker is distinguished by a very strong resonating bass. Low tones get earthy tint, pull with a light leather drum. Boom 2 is tuned for bass. You can immediately feel that the equipment is to be perfect at home, at parties, on the outdoor trips. 

Pop, hip-hop, RnB, dubstep, trap, house, drum'n'base - with these genres Ultimate Ears Boom 2 feels like at home, where we take it. Fully 360-degree sound propagation guarantees that properly directed, tested ones reach our ears. The position and arrangement of the loudspeaker no longer matter. 


Construction and water resistance 

UE Boom 2 is an interestingly designed speaker. It is actually a cylinder, with a thick layer of rubber at its base and top, which protects the sensitive electronics from the effects of a fall from a height. Exactly - the loudspeaker can be dropped from the shelves screwed to a height of 1.5 m and nothing should happen. The cover of the Boom 2 speaker is covered with something like a braided material that prevents dust, dirt or water from getting inside. 

In addition, the product has an IPX7 waterproof certificate. On paper, this guarantees the correct operation of the device immersed under water for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. In practice, it means full water resistance, so desired among Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to it, Boom 2 is a great choice when going to the lake, visiting the pool or relaxing in the shower. 

 Ultimate Ears Boom 2

Boom 2 offers more than just great quality music. 


Boom 2 has a lot of the charm of the original, too. Bluetooth (with one-touch NFC compatibility) takes care of wireless connectivity, although a 3.5mm input – alongside a microUSB charging port on the bottom of the speaker, now covered by flaps. 

Furthermore, to pause the music, simply hit the top of the speaker like a drum. Two strokes are required to switch a track. Useful when the speaker is closer than the laptop or smartphone from which we share music files. 

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 also has a built-in microphone. Thanks to it, we can receive incoming phone calls, as well as talk in the hands-free mode. Another fun solution that doesn't break the pace during Saturday cleaning. Also worth mentioning is the cleverly hidden tripod socket, as well as the ability to meet multiple EU speakers for a single app. Perfect for epic parties with the administration of guests. 

 Ultimate Ears Boom 2

The biggest advantages: 

Great bass 
Very high volume 
Sensationally separated strands 
Solid system support 
High durability and quality of workmanship 
Lots of patterns and colors to choose from 
Cheaper than a market competitor 

 Ultimate Ears Boom 2


Power: 16 W 
Sound intensity: 90 dBA 
Transmission frequencies: 90 Hz - 20 kHz 
Transducers: Two 45mm (1 and ¾ ”) active + two passive 45mm x 80mm radiators 
Bluetooth range: up to 33 meters, NFC 
Dimensions: 180 mm (height) x 67 mm (roller diameter) 
Battery: on average over 15 hours of listening to music, 2.5 hours charging 
In addition: 3.5 mm audio output, resistance to drops from 1.5 m and waterproof in accordance with the IPX7 standard (up to 30 minutes under water at a depth of 1 m) 



Ultimate Ears Boom 2Ultimate Ears Boom 2

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