The Sony SRS-XB32 speaker in practice. Check it out!


The Sony SRS-XB32 speaker in practice. Check it out! 

Are you looking for a loudspeaker that you can use on any trip that you are not afraid of any weather conditions? It's raining, snowing, winter? In practice, the Sony SRS-XB32 mobile speaker works perfectly. You can easily take him to the water, to the mountains, and he never refuses to obey. Its construction is extremely resistant to all weather conditions. You just have to remember about ... charging the speaker, which you don't really have to do often. So, does Sony SRS-XB32 have any disadvantages? We checked and .... you'll see at the very end. 


Sony XB32 portable speaker with IP67 resistance standard 

As we mentioned at the very beginning, the Sony SRS-XB32 portable wireless speaker, and more precisely its meets the IP67 resistance standards. What exactly does this mean? Well, a one-color block is able to withstand a fall of up to 1.2 meters, i.e. if it falls off the table, then nothing will happen. Checked and confirmed by us. But that's not all. In addition, it is water resistant. In case of dirt, dust, or mud, it can be safely washed under the tap. Just wrap it and then wipe with a towel or cloth. 

What about ports? Will the water damage them? All ports and inputs (including USB, micro USB, mini jack) are protected by a rubber flap. It is extremely tight. At the top there are buttons covered with rubber, for turning the speaker on / off, volume control, answering calls and LEDs indicating the operating mode and Bluetooth. 


Sony SRS-XB32


Sony XB32 and its phenomenal sound quality! 

To play music from the Sony SRS-XB32 speaker, it must first be paired with a smartphone, tablet or computer. The fastest way is NFC - just put the phone to the speaker and nothing more. You can also connect via Bluetooth. The connection stability alone is very good. There is no fear of losing communication in the ~ 50 meter flat. And the sound quality itself? 

Is very good! Two 48 mm diameter speakers ensure the quality of the music being played. They provide a clean, clear sound, and the effect is complemented by the EXTRA BASS function, which guarantees strong bass. Regardless of the type of music, each sounds pleasant to the ear. 


Sony SRS-XB32


The whole party of continuous music playback from Sony XB32! 

The big advantage of the Sony XB32 mobile speaker is also a powerful battery. According to the manufacturer, it allows 24 hours of continuous music playback, but in practice such results will not be achieved. When we don't use light effects, we can count on about 20 hours of work. With the EXTRA BASS mode it is about 10 hours, which means we can play your favorite songs all night long. The time it takes to charge the speaker is about 4 hours. 

The tested Sony SRS-XB32 also has an extremely useful function which is the powerbank option. You can easily charge a smartphone that is currently used or any other electronic equipment. Works great when we're away or on the beach. 


Sony SRS-XB32


Sony SRS-XB32. Is it worth buying? 

Definitely! In our opinion, this is one of the best mobile, wireless speakers that are currently available on the market. The Sony SRS-XB32 model is distinguished by a very good price-performance ratio and functionality. In our store we offer Sony XB32 speaker at a very competitive price. Check! 


Sony SRS-XB32


Sony SRS XB32 - the most important features and specifications 

  • LIVE SOUND mode 
  • EXTRA BASS function 
  • two 48 nm speakers 
  • Bluetooth, NFC 
  • AAC and LDAC codecs 
  • IP7 standard 
  • 24 hours of work on a single charge 
  • Wireless Party Chain 
  • Party booster 
  • operation by means of buttons 
  • power bank function 


Sony SRS XB32 Sony SRS XB32

Sony SRS XB32 Blue                            Sony SRS XB32 Black

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