ROC Models II / III – Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds by Cristiano Ronaldo


ROC Models II / III – Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 

by Cristiano Ronaldo 

On top of being a successful soccer player who has been named the world’s highest paid athlete by Forbes in the past two years, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a philanthropist. 

And perhaps fans of the exceptionally brilliant soccer player might know this – Ronaldo also has his own brand of earphones called, ROC. 


These Are No Bass-ic Earphones 

The brand has been around for a while now, but the ROC Model II and ROC Model III are the latest earphones ROC created that focus on the everyday athlete. 

ROC MODEL II - Your perfect companion for daily work, fitness, entertainment at home and while traveling. 

They are light, comfortable and compact. Beneath the rugged cabinet, a pair of 9mm loudspeakers deliver powerful bass, reproducing the sound you experience in concert halls, arenas and recording studios around the world. The remote control with three buttons allows you to control music playback, as well as to make calls thanks to the built-in microphone. 


Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, these in-ear headphones are very strong, lightweight and feature stylish sweat-resistant cables and a neckband for durable, tangle-free mobility 
ROC 360 DSP, 10mm graphene driver provides exceptional clarity over an extended frequency range, delivering dynamic sound with deep bass and clear treble 
Ergonomic, curved earbuds are made of the highest quality silicone and memory foam to guarantee a secure and comfortable fit while providing maximum noise isolation 
Includes a 2-meter USB charging cable and a luxurious zipped pouch 


Set contains: 
ROC Model II headphones 
3 sizes of ear tips made of silicone and memory foam 
2 sizes of wing tips 
2 meter USB charging cable 
luxury zippered case 


ROC Model III – Wired Microphone Earbuds 


While it does not have the ROC360 technology, the frequency response range and sensitivity are the same as the ROC Model II. So you can expect the same quality, if not even crisper music. 

The stylish earphone has a 3.5mm audio jack and an in-line microphone that lets you talk on-the-go. 

This is fantastic for users who can’t live without music on their commute, while working, and while relaxing. 

Right after leaving your home, you put the earphones on and cancel out the noise of the world. You reach the office and listen to a playlist that inspires productivity. 


Live, life, loud - all new ROC Model III wired sports earbuds are specifically designed to deliver the best style, quality and performance an active lifestyle demands. High-quality materials and advanced functions ensure long wearing comfort, water resistance and excellent sound. With precision engineering and innovative features specially developed to meet the needs of an active lifestyle, you can rest assured that each ROC product is designed to look as good as it sounds. 

The unique built-in graphene diaphragm ensures high precision of sound with clear dynamics in all genres 
Aviation aluminum is lighter and 30 percent stronger, and Kevlar braided cable provides durable, tangle-free movement 
Ergonomic, angled earbuds are made of the highest quality silicone and memory foam. 


Set contains: 
ROC Model III headphones 
3 sizes of ear tips made of silicone and memory foam 
2 sizes of wing tips 
Gold-plated 24K 3.5mm connector 
comfortable zippered case



 ROC Model II    ROC Model II

ROC MODEL II - SILVER                        ROC MODEL II - COPPER

ROC Model III         ROC Model III