Perfect training headphones - Jaybird X3 Bluetooth


Perfect training headphones - Jaybird X3 Bluetooth 

In our entries we have devoted a lot of attention to equipment for players - now we have prepared something for a group of people who prefer classic sport over e-sport. We present you almost wireless headphones for training - Jaybird x3. 

 Jaybird X3 Headphones

Headphones for training - available in every detail 

Bluetooth headphones for training are often only by name. Breaking connection, low battery, lack of resistance to external factors or poor stability in the ear often mean that instead of enjoying music, we have to put our headphones aside. Jaybird X3 are different - they were designed for athletes, which is why we can expect in them above all perfect ergonomics and fit to our ear. Even during intense movements they should not fall out, which is the result of, among others several different sizes of rubber bands and "handles" allowing to adjust their shape and size to our needs. The whole is complemented by simple and intuitive buttons that are available on the headband. As a result, we can listen to music and receive calls without giving up training. 

Another issue is the battery that can withstand up to 8 hours, as well as resistance to sweat and rain. The manufacturer ensures that within 15 minutes the headphones are able to charge enough to end our music for an hour. For the layman resulting from the possibility of seeming impressive - in practice, consider equally that just in this area of projects can be a little more try. 

 Jaybird X3 Headphones

Jaybird X3 bluetooth - not only sports in appearance 

Good headphones for training, in addition to ergonomics and durability, should also be characterized by good class, purified and strong sound. An excellent musical experience is guaranteed by both the factory sound parameters and the improvements provided by the manufacturer. They are equipped with special codecs to protect against weakening sound quality through a bluetooth connection, as well as a special application with which we can adjust the parameters to your needs. 
Another thing that makes the headphones stand out is the good Bluetooth connection. It is based on modern 4.1 technology, thanks to which (if we have the right smartphone) we will be able to use the almost uninterrupted connection to a fairly good range. 

 Jaybird X3 Headphones

Jaybird X3 sport - price and summary 

It's no secret that quality must cost. Jaybird X3 is great quality equipment that has very few flaws (if any), so it's no wonder that the manufacturer valued them at over £70 in their salon version. Headphones are definitely worth the price, because they are based on high quality material, as well as modern technology that allows to bring out the best in sound. It is also worth noting that the Refurbished from Jaybird X3 sport cost much less and can be safely found at prices not exceeding £45. So this is a great argument for choosing these specific bluetooth headphones for training. 



Jaybird X3 Headphones  Jaybird X3 Headphones

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