MP3 players - is anyone else using them?


MP3 players - is anyone else using them? 

These are very good questions, right? Probably many people think that the MP3 player is a thing of the past and nobody uses them anymore, because there are cell phones, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices from which you can play your favourite songs. Of course, their peak of popularity has already passed, they do not break sales records, as just a few good years ago. Although they do not cost a lot of money now, interest has dropped significantly. However, no one can say that this is music equipment that has disappeared, it is no longer on the market. You can still find such devices on store shelves. We recommend Sandisk MP3 players. 

MP3 player - forgotten audio equipment? 

Until recently, every audiophile could not imagine leaving home without our favourite music. And in such situations, the solution was an MP3 player that was never big, had its own power supply, memory and provided good quality sound (depending on the model). MP3 players enjoyed the greatest interest in the 1920s, when they were a real sales hit. Every music fan, young people could not imagine everyday use without their own MP3. And how is it now? In the XXI century? Of course, the "best" times are already behind MP3 players, but if someone thought that they completely disappeared from the market, this is a big mistake. They can still be purchased at popular electronics stores, both landline and online. In our online store,, we offer Sandisk MP3 players that have a very good reputation on the market. Why are they still willingly used? Well, because you have your own power supply, often for AA or AAA batteries. Therefore, quick battery replacement is not a problem, you do not need to look for a charger, cable or socket. We change the battery and the MP3 player continues to work. Unfortunately, the smartphone with your favorite music tracks can withstand several hours of continuous listening. Player? Definitely more. 

SanDisk Clip Jam

Sandisk MP3 player - does it have a chance against the competition? 

Although MP3 players already have their glory years, they are still very often used because they provide hours of listening to your favorite music. One of the most popular producers of this type of music equipment is Sandisk. The company's products are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio and functionality. Sandisk MP3 players are extremely competitive on the market, which is why before buying the popular MP3. In what specific way? First of all, Sandisk MP3 players provide very good sound quality. Low, high tones are heard, and you can hear the characteristic sounds of each music equipment. In addition, devices equipped with a very long operating time on one charge. Depending on the model, music can be downloaded from a few to several hours. This is enough time, e.g. you can laugh at home all day, and there is no fear that suddenly the song will stop playing. Another advantage that makes Sandisk's products stand out from the competition is, of course, very good construction quality. The housing of each MP3 player is well fitted, nothing stands out, does not creak under pressure, and any fall is not terrible. See for yourself and order your MP3 player from us! 

Mp3 player. Recommended models 

What exactly should you choose the Sandisk MP3 player? The cheapest copy is SanDisk Clip Jam with a capacity of 8 GB, which costs less than £25. Advantages of this model? The possibility of using a microSD memory card, FM tuner and OLED display.

SanDisk Clip Jam

A slightly more expensive device and more advanced is SanDisk Clip Sport Plus Wearable MP3 Player 16GB Radio FM stands up to the wettest conditions with its tried and tested, water-resistant durable design. So, you can have a worry-free workout. You can pair the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus with your favourite Bluetooth headphones for even more freedom in your workout, which costs less than £30. 

SanDisk Clip Sport Plus

Do any of you already have your MP3 player? What was the first copy you bought and when was it? Before or after 2000?