Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 Mouse


The innovative Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 computer mouse 

Are you looking for original computer equipment that is additionally extremely comfortable? Then the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 mouse is the perfect device for you. The innovative structure closed in a small form significantly improves the comfort of use. Regardless of whether you need it for gaming or for home use, the offered product will work perfectly. Versatility that goes hand in hand with functionality are the great advantages of the products of this brand. See what the presented control unit can do. 


Logitech M570 mouse - functional and convenient equipment 

The presented Logitech mouse is a reliable and practical product that will perfectly complement your computer equipment. The device is equipped with advanced wireless technology. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about the range and unnecessary wiring. Data is transferred instantly - without delays or interrupted signals. Additionally, you can control the cursor while being further away from the PC. This is a great convenience when watching movies. 
The Logitech M570 computer mouse has a laser sensor that accurately reproduces every, even the most delicate maneuver. Regardless of the DPI sensitivity you choose, the device will work smoothly and comfortably. This modern and precise solution is perfect for games, professional design and home use. It is worth noting that the described adjustable sensor provides an even greater range of speed changes, without losing high motion control. 
Do you care about efficient and modern equipment? The offered computer mouse will be an excellent choice. It is equipped with Logitech Unifying technology. Thanks to it, you can connect the cursor to up to six different wireless devices! It is not only a functional but also an aesthetic solution. In addition, the product has a durable battery that will function properly for about 18 months. The buttons with which you can check the energy consumption are also noteworthy. 

 Logitech M570

The original design of the Logitech mouse - check its capabilities 

The Logitech M570 wireless mouse impresses with its remarkable form. The trackball construction gives a lot of possibilities here. Instead of controlling the cursor with your hand, rotate the ball with your finger. It has been placed on the left side of the device, which ensures comfort for right-handed people. The hand on the display instantly reflects the movements made with the blue circle. This is a great alternative to the touchpad and touchscreen. 
In addition to the trackball design, it is worth paying attention to the shape of the Logitech M570 computer mouse. The streamlined form makes the device comfortable to use even for several hours. It is a neat product that fits perfectly in the hand. Its small dimensions are an additional advantage. The equipment does not take up much space - not only on the desk, but also in the bag. 
Logitech M570 mouse has programmable buttons. Thanks to this, you are able to assign appropriate functions to individual switches yourself and thus improve the performance of activities. The next / back buttons are a great convenience, which make it easier to navigate through websites and documents. You cannot forget about the intelligent ball. The trackball always stays in the same position - even when the fixture is turned upside down. In addition, it gives the opportunity to control the cursor on a soft surface. 


Why is it worth to bet on the Logitech M570 computer mouse? 

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 mouse is a compact device with high power. Precise cursor control, long battery life and convenient form of the offered equipment place it among the market leaders. The product impresses with its versatility. Perfect for demanding games, but also during intensive work. Comfort that goes hand in hand with modern technology is a guarantee of quality and reliability. 
The original and comfortable shape is a great asset of the equipment. The original design, containing a trackball and programmable buttons significantly improve the performance of activities. If you care about an efficient and comfortable device that additionally facilitates your work, the Logitech computer mouse will certainly meet your expectations. 

 Logitech M570

Laser sensor 

The laser sensor will ensure every, even the smallest movement of the mouse. Bet on a modern and extremely precise tool for action. The laser sensor enables comfortable use of the mouse at low and very high DPI settings. The mouse with a laser sensor works well in everyday use, but also in professional design and games. 


USB interface 

Use the USB port to enable communication between the mouse and the computer. It is a proven and almost universal type of interface that will work both in the case of a laptop and a desktop computer, and even in relation to other devices that can be operated with a mouse. 

 Logitech M570

Perfect for right-handers 

It is a mouse designed especially for right-handed people. Its profile has been designed so that it fits perfectly under the right hand - buttons, protrusions and recesses are exactly where they need to be to ensure the precision of the device and the highest comfort of use. 

 Logitech M570



 Logitech M570

Logitech M570