Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Headphones


You will forget you have them

Extremely light, comfortable wireless sports headphones JayBird Freedom 2 are everything you need to enjoy the perfect sound during your exercises or walks. Specially profiled inserts and a system of connected cables make the headphones in their place regardless of the sport you want to play. They are also great for gym sessions, jogging or cycling. You can take them anywhere. They are extremely stable and reliable.



The in-ear headphones guarantee the highest comfort of use and excellent isolation from ambient sounds. They are placed inside the ear, in the ear canal, so they do not fall out of the ears even during intense movements. The in-ear headphones are light and comfortable, and they also provide an excellent sound experience. It is a popular choice for sports applications.

 Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth transmission

The headphones use the transmission via the Bluetooth network, thanks to which they work seamlessly with mobile devices as well as stationary consumer equipment. Bluetooth wireless communication is less prone to interference than radio communication, and the headphones have a good range - you don't have to sit close to the screen to use them while playing or watching a movie.


New technology

Stay in touch
The extremely sensitive microphone built into the cable allows you to talk without using your hands, which improves your safety and allows you to be in touch with the world whenever you want.

Sweat and water resistant
You can use Freedom 2 headphones in all weather conditions without having to worry about getting wet or getting wet with sweat.

They are protected against moisture and low temperatures, so you never have to part with your music.

 Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Headphones

Adjustable volume

When you want to turn the music down or up, you don't need to reach for your smartphone or other player you're using. This model of headphones has a built-in volume control option, which is extremely convenient and practical. Control the sound directly from the headphones and adjust the current volume of the content to your preferences.


Built-in microphone

Wireless headphones will be useful not only for music applications, but also for talking, especially when they are equipped with a microphone. In this model of headphones you will find a built-in microphone, so you can use them to answer phone calls, for instant messaging or to make calls during online gameplay.

 Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Headphones

Wide frequency range

The wide frequency response will guarantee a perfect sound experience. The human ear is able to register sounds with a frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, which is why such parameters work great in wireless headphones.

The ultra-compact and elegant Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth headphones deliver impressively rich sound. Plus, they're extremely comfortable thanks to the sweat-resistant patented metal Secure-Fit construction - and can be recharged while in use.

  • Wireless listening to music and making calls thanks to remote control
  • Patented earbuds made of high-quality metal
  • Patented Secure-Fit design for even greater comfort
  • Free MySound app that allows you to customize your sound settings and save them to your headphones



Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Headphones

Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless Headphones