Is it worth buying ex-display products?


Ex-display products tempt us with low prices. However, this often happens when we are looking for a telephone, laptop or TV set - it turns out that it is no longer in stock, which is why we are offered a product from the display. So, there is a dilemma in our head - is it worth buying ex-display equipment?

Refurbished or used?

As the name suggests, the refurbished products, before they went on sale, were divided offers, thinking about buying them. They could be presented, launched and tested. Should refurbished goods be treated as used? Reflecting on this issue, we should first answer the question to what extent the equipment was used. Was it just a display that allowed to get acquainted with the design and parameters, or demanding performance tests? It turns out that the refurbished products were most often used only for the purpose of presenting basic parameters to interested customers, which is why they should not be treated as used equipment.


Performance and lifetime.

Before buying renewed products, we may be afraid that the period during which the product was presented at the display will affect its lifetime. Companies that are dealing with sale of electronic equipment are aware of the dilemma of customers regarding whether it pays off to buy renewed equipment. Each product has its lifetime, the same also applies to renewed equipment's. Thus, the product from the exposure is often subjected to treatments to ensure a longer life and unchanged properties in terms of its performance. After all, it is worth asking about how the ex-display was conducted and whether the seller gives a guarantee and on what terms it is implemented.

To sum up, wondering if it is worth buying renewed products, you have to answer four basic questions: - How the product was used
- What are the warranty conditions for this equipment?
- Whether the seller took care of proper maintenance before selling

- Whether the price is adequate to the condition of the product offered.

The more you learn about the condition of the exhibition product, the more certainty you have made a successful purchase.