Headphones or earphones? Which one is better?


Music accompanies us in many situations - during travel to work, training and at home. Most often, to ensure maximum comfort and not disturb at the same time our roommates or neighbors instead  of audio equipment, we focus on headphones. What type and model should we choose? Choose headphones or earphones? We will try to give you some advice in our article. 

Headphones or earphones? 

On-ear headphones are usually equated with better sound quality and noise suppression. The downside of these headphones is their size, sometimes also weight and price. This is of course a common opinion, which has a lot of truth, but there are exceptions to each rule. Modern in-ear headphones, first of all, match the quality of their ear-muffs, and secondly, the latter often do not differ in terms of convenience of daily use and do not differ in price. The biggest difference is the overall comfort of use, the right choice of parameters for our needs, as well as the purpose for which we use them. 


Headphones are becoming more and more popular, especially due to constantly increasing mobility, without losing their quality, as well as attractive design. Earphone models are also especially recommended for people who use them for a long time during the day - thanks to which our ears are less tired, they are also less exposed to mechanical injuries that can sometimes accompany earphones. There are many interesting models of headphones on the market. We recommend in particular to look at several models from two price segments.  

Among the cheaper headphones up to £35 we recommend the Sony ZX 110NC wired model with a rotary design and an external noise suppression system. The headphones have an extremely attractive design, but the biggest advantage is their price 

Sony ZX 110NC

In our store you will find them for less than £22. From more expensive models we recommend wired Sony WH-CH700N with digital noise reduction, precise and reliable Bluetooth connection supported by NFC and DSEE technology restoring the detail of digital music. A certain downside is their price, usually starting from £80. In our store you will find them for less than £75. 

Sony WH-CH700N


Earphones are increasingly beginning to outperform their larger counterparts. They are great during training, on the way to work or during other activities - however, they are not recommended for longer work, due to the fact that they quickly tire the ears, and during very intensive use they can expose them to injuries. The prices of both types of headphones are currently leveled. In this article, we recommend you two interesting low-budget and high-budget models. 

From the segment of earphones up to £20, we recommend the Sony MDR-EX155AP model with experience higher sound pressure with 103dB/mw. Their main advantage is the price - about £10, while the downside is the cable limiting our mobility. From the high-budget segment, we recommend the Sony Wi-SP600N wireless model. These are great quality in-ear headphones with the function of monitoring ambient sounds and waterproofness and of course sensational sound. As a rule, their cost is about £40. 


It is not easy to say which headphones or earphones are better. In our opinion, it is worth paying attention primarily to the frequency and intensity of their use. You should use our headphones relying solely on exercise or work routes to better users who use earphones. There are those that are used for more than 2 hours a day to better prepare the on-ear models that are much safer for our hearing. It is still worth paying attention to the detailed parameters, brand and price.