Headphones for sport- which one to choose?


Headphones for sport- which one to choose?

Any sports fan will appreciate the good quality sports headphones. There are many models on the market that offer a wide range of parameters. Which one should you choose? In our article you will find a comparison of the most popular sports headphones from different price ranges.

What to look for when choosing headphones for sport?

In addition to high-quality sound, good sports headphones must also offer us comfort during intense exercise. As a rule, the best solution is sports wireless headphones that help us get rid of the onerous cable. Unfortunately, they are also much more expensive, which means that in the case of a limited budget we may have a problem with choosing the right model. Another point to look out for is how to attach headphones to your ear. Classic models, without a headband and rubber or silicone finishes, may fall out during movement, and as a result will be too burdensome in everyday use. Another element that is worth paying attention to is the maximization of functionality within the headphones themselves. It's mainly about the ability to stop and resume playback, scroll and increase the volume without having to reach for the phone or player.

Sony WI-C310 Wireless In-ear headphones

Sony WI-C310 is a good quality wireless headphones at a low price. We can easily find the color variant we are interested in at a price not exceeding £30. Each earbud has a built-in magnet for tangle-free carrying and storage. When your battery runs lows, just 10 minutes of charging gets you a full 60 minutes of playback. This means that even if you're in a rush, you'll soon be ready to get the music going again. If you have more time, you can charge the battery to full in just three hours. Whether you're listening to pop hits, classical concertos or jazz solos, the 9mm driver units deliver dynamic audio performance with deep bass, crisp treble and outstanding clarity. The around-the-neck design is comfortable, lightweight and keeps your headphones out of the way, so you can get on with listening in total freedom.

 Sony WI-C310


Sony WI-SP600N Wireless Sport Headphones Bluetooth Noise Canceling

Work out without wires holding you back. A lightweight design makes these wireless sports headphones comfortable, secure and discreet to wear whether you’re training or out and about. When you need that special playlist to take your workout to the next level, noise cancelling blocks out the sounds of the gym or noisy environments, leaving just you and the beat. Extensively tested in real workouts, these headphones have a secure fit that you can adjust to your ears. Plus a soft-cushioned fitting holds the earbud securely in place while maintaining ultimate comfort. The price of this model starts from £40, which fully corresponds to its quality.

Sony WI-SP600N


Sony WI-C600N Wireless Bluetooth Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones

The last item in our ranking is Sony WI-C600N. They are a bit more expensive, the price starts from £55. Hear only what's important. Be immersed, but stay aware with Ambient Sound Mode. Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling (AINC), AINC analyses background sound and adjusts it for optimal performance in any noisy environments. The WI-C600N offers the Google Assistant. Manage your day, just by asking your assistant. Enjoy entertainment, connect with friends, get information, listen to music and notifications, set reminders, and more. Install the Google Assistant app and change the assignment of noise cancelling button with Sony | Headphones Connect app, then press and hold the noise cancelling button. Keep listening in comfort with a behind-the-neck design made from comfortable silicon that’s easy to store in your bag. When you’re done listening, the magnetic earbuds snap together neatly to help you avoid tangles.

Sony WI-C600N



Sony WI-SP600N                       Sony WI-C310

Sony WI-SP600N Black or Blue    Sony WI-C310 Black or White

Sony WI-C600N

Sony WI-C600N