Google Nest Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Google Assistant


Google Nest Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Google Assistant 

The Google Nest Mini is a direct successor to the Google Home Mini which debuted in October 2017. In the meantime, Google decided to rebrand all to smart home devices from "Google Home" to "Google Nest", as it took over the Nest brand already in 2014.. 


Google Nest Mini - Specification, Price 

Visually, the Google Nest Mini looks identical to the Google Home Mini. Is it good or not - judge for yourself. However, Google found the design of its small speaker timeless and has not decided to make changes to this aspect. 

In the other hand, customers will finally expect something new from the Google Nest Mini. The latest loudspeaker offers a much higher maximum volume and definitely better sound quality and clearer bass. A third microphone has also been added. Many people will also appreciate the fact that the device can be hung on the wall thanks to the holder prepared by Google. 

It is also worth adding that the Google Nest Mini does not have a 3.5 mm AUX connector. The suggested price of the new speaker was set at £49 you also can you cheaper.  


 Google nest mini


The first generation of Google WiFi debuted in October 2016, i.e. four years ago. So this is the right time to introduce the new version to the market. Price is higher than the previous one as it costs £37.90 in ours Store. The novelty is the completely refreshed design and the addition of Google Nest WiFi Point, which are to act as extenders, i.e. increase the range of the WiFi network. What's more, they can also be used as a smart speaker with the Google Assistant. 


google nest mini



google nest mini             google nest mini

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