Bluetooth UE speaker Ultimate Ears Wonderboom - A waterproof speaker at a good price


Summer is coming, so many of you are looking around for a good portable Bluetooth speaker. There are currently many models on the market from different companies like Sony or Creative etc., They are obviously market stars. Often, however, the brand overshadows the quality, and for the same price we could get a Bluetooth speaker with much better parameters. In our article, we will present a brief review of the amazing loudspeaker which is Ultimate Ears Wonderboom.

Speaker from Ultimate Ears

The EU is an American custom in-ear monitor (IEM), speaker, and earphone manufacturer based in Irvine and Newark, California, United States. The EU most famous product is Bluetooth wireless speakers around which all its activities are focused. So far, they have developed 6 innovative models, among which the most popular is the waterproof Wonderboom, which even has its successor, Wonderboom 2.


UE Wonderboom - design and structure

The UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker has a specific design that supports its capabilities in terms of good sound. Its round shape allows you to bring out a unique 360-degree sound, thanks to which everyone can enjoy good music, regardless of how the speaker is positioned. Wonderboom also has two characteristic volume control buttons, which in addition to its functionality are an important element of its layout. The model has dimensions of 102 x 93.5 mm and a weight of less than 0.5 kg, so it will fit in any bag and certainly it will not bother you while traveling. A great feature that we must mention is also a high class of resistance to water and dust - IPX7. The whole is of course available in several different color options.


UE Wonderboom - properties

A good Bluetooth speaker is not only design, but also high-quality sound. We have already written about one of its advantages which is the structure enabling the 360-degree musical effect. In addition, it is worth mentioning the maximum speaker power reaching 86 dBC and the sound frequency from 80hz to 20 kHz. In addition, the model has a very efficient Bluetooth connection, which allows you to use it even at a distance of 33 meters from the phone or other device. The maximum working time - depending on the method of use - reaches up to 10 hours, which at this power is a very good achievement.

UE Wonderboom – summary

The presented features of UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker allow you to clearly state that both in terms of design and properties that belongs to the market leaders.
Now it is worth paying attention to the price. The new model costs about £100, which is a good price considering the fact that the Wonderboom equivalents of leading manufacturers can be more expensive. However, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of buying renewed copies, which we can buy up to 30% cheaper - but this is a market opportunity that can only be found in selected stores.


Build quality amazing, sound quality better.
Really quite excellent. The 360-degrees sound is amazing, the clarity is astounding, and the build quality is unrivalled. Mine legit got punched off a table and landed on a hard floor on the first day of me having it, and there wasn't a scratch. It feels sturdy and solid, definitely like something worth the price tag. The volume of the device is pretty loud. Even in parties or pre-drinks I never really set it above half volume, or it gets too loud.

Boom! Shake The (Small) Room.
I tested this against the Anker Soundcore Motion Q - similar size and power, but £20 cheaper than the Wonderboom. I tested them side by side to get a true comparison. The result: the Wonderboom lives up to its name. Deeper bass, brighter treble, more presence, detail and sparkle. By comparison, the Motion Q was flatter and a bit muddier. Just not as lively and without the bass depth of the Wonderboom. In this case, you get what you pay for. Both equally good value. But if you're willing to pay a little extra for the Wonderboom, you get the jump in performance. It won't shake your fillings out, but for its size (slightly stubbier than a can of soup) the bass has plenty of oomph. It can vary depending on where you put it. So be prepared to look like a madman, trying it on a variety of surfaces. A pile of magazines gave the best result for me, if that's any help. Simple to set up, funky design and solid construction. Glad I had something else to compare it with. Recommended. I'll be taking this on holiday this summer. Looking forward to having this right by the pool or even on a lilo in the pool, given its waterproofing. How decadent!

Great sound
I was well pleased with the sound of this. I think the sound is very good. Amazing for daytime listening whilst getting ready and putting makeup on, as well as listening in the bath, it is really great.