Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphones


Beats by Dr. dre 

For the sound to be perfect, everything has to conform to it. Each pair of headphones and each Beats speaker delivers sounds that master the sound of performer wanted. Here science and technology merge with art and intuition. Listen. Hear. 


What you really want to hear 

Beats over-ear headphones provide the highest level of comfort, excellent sound clarity and high power. Thanks to them, your contact with your favorite music will be an even more intimate experience. From the iconic Beats Studio headphones to the redesigned Solo2, they all sound as if the performer is playing just for you. 

 Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphones

Beats STUDIO 2.0 

The completely redesigned Beats Studio over-ear headphones are lighter, stronger, more comfortable and precise than their legendary predecessor. They provide a strong, enhanced sound. They are equipped with the ANC function, a battery that lasts 20 hours and functions of remote control of telephone calls. 

Feel the music 
Beats Acoustic Engine technology provides a truly intimate encounter with music, while DSP software lets you listen to rock, hip-hop, pop, electronics or R&B the way Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and other famous music producers. 

 Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphones

Mute the world around you 

Cut off passengers and noisy neighbors - buy uncompromising Beats headphones with Dual-Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC) technology. When you listen to music, ANC technology automatically adjusts the balance between the sound in your headphones and the outside world. If you want to cut yourself off completely from the world around you, ANC-only mode will automatically increase the level of noise reduction. 


What batteries? 

The battery enables uninterrupted listening to music for up to 20 hours. The auto on / off feature prevents wasting energy by turning the headphones off when unplugged. Thanks to the energy level indicator, you can easily check how much listening is still ahead of you. In addition, the new Studio headphones can be charged with a standard USB plug virtually anywhere. 


Lighter, stronger and more comfortable 
The engineers from Beats approached the design of a new incarnation of these legendary headphones as a supercar. They simplified the new Beats Studio model by adding gentle curves, smooth planes and hid all the mounting screws. The new model is 13% lighter than the original; comes with a lighter, stronger and more comfortable headband. The earcups are softer and more ergonomic, which allows the headphones to perfectly fit any head shape and guarantees perfect insulation. 
 Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphones

The most important features: 

Beats Acoustic Engine technology uses precise sound to deliver music exactly as its creator intended 
the simplified design increases the possibility of adjustment, better weight distribution and greater comfort 
Adaptive Noise Canceling technology blocks background noise using two modes 
earcups provide excellent sound isolation 
The rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours of listening time and has an auto on / off feature and a battery indicator 



Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphone

Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphone Titanium   

Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphone

Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Headphone Champagne